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Medicinal properties

Argan Medical Care

The many medicinal properties of argan oil in everything related to the health and care of the body and hair have been known and proven for many years and therefore the way the nut is grown and the oil extracted is highly significant. At Ben Yosef's ARGAN-IL farm in the lowlands of Israel, the nut is grown under optimal conditions and is produced with advanced technologies that preserve the natural qualities and properties of the nut and oil.


Strengthening the immune system and reducing the likelihood of disease

Argan oil is saturated with anti-inflammatory acids. The oil contains vitamin E whose main function in the body is as an antioxidant and helps strengthen the body's immune system and reduces the likelihood of inflammation. The oil also helps reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), due to the presence of flavonoids that are used as natural anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sterols found in argan oil act as natural anti-inflammatories and help reduce the risk of cancer.

Reducing high cholesterol and balancing blood pressure

Daily consumption of the oil has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and hyper triglycerides, and has a positive effect on pancreatic function.

Argan oil contains rare plant sterols that do not exist in other oils in nature. These sterols block the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines into the blood.

According to studies, people who consumed argan oil for three weeks showed increased activity of an enzyme that protects against oxidative damage to the walls of the blood vessels. Argan oil in combination with omega 3 also helps regulate insulin resistance in the blood.


Reduction of stretch marks

Argan oil can help lighten scars and stretch marks and even prevent them. This increases the elasticity of the skin and protects the collagen fibers in the skin that are naturally damaged by free radicals.

Treatment of acne sores

Argan oil is rich in a high percentage of amino acids whose function is to prevent the skin from producing excess lactic acid. Argan oil helps with the natural clogging of skin pores and reduces the development of acne. Various studies in dermatology have found that people suffering from severe acne have a low level of vitamin E in the blood plasma and this fact reinforces the contribution of vitamin E to the treatment of acne.


Treatment of psoriasis

Vitamin E found in argan oil is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in pure argan oil. This component helps reduce inflammation caused by psoriasis. There is relief from pain and irritation after applying the product to the skin. In addition, vitamin E helps to reduce psoriasis redness naturally, making skin blemishes less noticeable.

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