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Israeli pride: pure argan oil without additives, at a reasonable price. Perfect for skin and hair

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Here is a great story about a groundbreaking initiative of a hardworking and special Israeli family, which grows and markets pure, organic argan oil, made in the country, at a reasonable price. The argan tree is indeed a desert tree that grows wild in the deserts of Morocco, but the Ben Yosef family's vision was to plant argan trees in Israel and produce Israeli argan oil from them. This is how the product ARGAN IL was born - which today is already sold in many points in Israel and also independently on the website of the same name:

Here at the Fuente website, we love to promote quality products and we love to promote small businesses just as much. As a small business, we know very well how difficult it is to implement an idea, realize a dream and make a living from it. We also like to praise agriculture that knows how to adapt itself to the spirit of the times. An ordinary person, who goes to the site or buys the oil in the store, does not know how much effort, money, and time has been invested in this product - and here we are here to tell you, and also to have an opinion on the product itself.

The article was originally published in Fuente magazine. To continue reading - click here:

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