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The process of producing oil at the Ben Yosef farm

The original process for producing argan oil was based on the handiwork of the villages in Morocco.

The first step in the process was the crushing of the kernel found inside the hard shell of the argan nut. In the grinding process a pulp was obtained, that was hand-shaped and gently kneaded to the size of a pita. This pulp accumulates a little heat in the process of kneading andis cooled with a little water, which helps the oil to dribble from the pulp in a gentle drip to the bowl and collection container. When the pulp stops dribbling oil, the villagers dry it and use it as a combustible material for cooking and heating.

Our industrialized process is based on an electric machine that squeezes the clean argan kernels and dribbles them into a collection container. In the collection container, a settling process takes place in which the liquid obtained from the process of squeezing is separated into a sediment and clean oil above it.

The clean oil has undergone a filtration process and clean and clear argan oil is obtained. In the industrialized process, the temperature of the oil extraction is controlled and a clean, high-quality material is obtained. The storage process is carried out under optimal conditions that extends the shelf life of the oil and maintain its original quality for a long time.

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