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We are an Israeli family start-up that promotes quality and uncompromising agriculture

20 years ago, the Ben Yosef family made a decision: to continue farming on the family farm they inherited - but to do so in a completely different and innovative way. The solution they found came from an ancient Moroccan tradition, but the application remains completely Israeli and native: "We are a family business in which everyone is a partner. The challenge and the joint work leads to immense satisfaction"

In some ways, the story of the Ben-Yosef family's start-up business can be cataloged alongside other stories by many Israeli start-ups that are published here on a daily basis. This is of course not the classic and familiar story of a bunch of the "8200" special military unit veteran entrepreneurs, with a technological idea of great potential that made it a multi-billion-dollar company. Very far from it. The argan tree farm established by the family from the HaRif village, located far from Rothschild Boulevard - and not only in the geographical sense. Admittedly, it also has no business potential that will generate hundreds of millions of dollars someday.

And yet, even if at first glance the business seems to be the complete opposite of the common Tel Aviv start-up, a closer look reveals much in common. When you dive into the fascinating story of the family that established the ARGAN-IL farm almost from scratch, you discover the same entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. The same vision and motivation - to take a dream and make it a reality.

The article was originally published in Forbes magazine. To continue reading - click here:

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